Learning in digital environments: a model for cross-cultural alignment.

Notice bibliographique

Shonfeld, M., Cotnam-Kappel, M., Judge, M., Ng, C. Y., Ntebutse, J. G., Williamson-Leadley, S., et al. (2021). Learning in digital environments: a model for cross-cultural alignment. Educational Technology Research and Development, 69(4), 2151-2170.


This article presents a conceptual model of cross-cultural alignments in education in the digital era. The intention was to explore and respond to urgent questions regarding learners and the learning environments in today’s networked society. The model explores the enabling or constraining influences of educational systems, digital environments, learners, and educators on other learners and is based on the concept of social justice. The skills and competencies required for efficient learner development in a digital environment include digital competence, collaboration skills, intercultural competence, and lifelong learning skills. The interrelationship of these components and their influence on learners’ skills and competencies are discussed through the lens of cross-cultural alignment by examining three intercultural projects worldwide. The authors recommend that educational systems provide educational institutions with a high-quality infrastructure as well as to support educators and learners in the development of digital skills. Future research may examine the model’s components and their interrelationships so that it may serve researchers and practitioners as a basis for the design of future intercultural projects.





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